ONE solution for ad delivery and sales

ONE solution for
ad delivery and sales

AllMediaDesk offers a software that is capable of replacing an entire software stack for media planning and delivery with one solution. If required, individual components of the solution can be purchased and linked to existing internal software. In addition, we offer to individualize our solution according to your needs.

Scalable cloud system

Scalable cloud system

The technology is designed as a cloud system, which guarantees maximum availability and optimal scalability. In addition to the software, AllMediaDesk also offers hosting in its own cloud environment, but can also accommodate cloud services such as AWS and Azure.

Perfectly customizable and integrated

Perfectly customizable
and integrated

To ensure that the software exactly meets your requirements, we customize the software to meet your needs and link it to existing systems via individual APIs.

Device and location independent use

Device and location
independent use

AllMediaDesk’s software is developed using modern web technology. This makes it easy to use the interfaces on numerous different devices and regardless of the user’s location.

AllMediaDesk’s solution consists of
the following components:

DSP, campaign management and planning tool


DSP, campaign management and planning tool

AdPerform is an all-in-one campaign management tool that enables the planning and booking of advertising campaigns in a variety of media channels.

AdPerform can also be used by advertising clients and media agencies to seamlessly connect to the internal systems of media owners, giving them the option to book media plans directly with the push of a button. This seamless connection also allows for available inventory to be taken into account during the planning process.

AdPerform provides the ability to plan campaigns manually or automatically. When using the automatic planning feature, our innovative artificial intelligence supports the user to create an optimal media plan according to the user’s specifications within seconds.

In addition to classic planning and booking, AdPerform as a DSP supports programmatic campaigns in linear as well as digital media. For this, numerous data sources – such as weather data – can be used to automatically optimize a campaign in real-time.

SSP, Ad Server and inventory management


SSP, Ad Server and inventory management

AdOptimize is the powerful software solution for media owners to optimally manage their advertising inventory.

AdOptimize functions both as scheduling software for linear media as well as a SSP and Ad Server for digital offers. This SSP, together with our ad injector AdBreak, handles the delivery of advertising. AdOptimize allows the automated composition of advertising blocks in all areas without much manual work.

In addition, AdOptimize offers media companies an optimal overview of their inventory via numerous dashboards. Through sophisticated ad break rule management, the tool allows for the monetization of limited advertising inventory in the best possible way.

Ad Insertion for Online Video and Audio


Ad Insertion for Online Video and Audio

AdBreak is an ad insertion solution for Online Video and Audio. It allows smooth integration of ads into streamed media content in various ways.

Our software is compatible with all common streaming technologies and will integrate easily as a software installed on the streaming server.

Strongly integrated into the user interfaces of AdPerform and AdOptimize, this product enables the complete process of advertising delivery in one software solution.